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A couple of years ago I tossed around an idea to get photographers of all skill levels in the Santa Cruz Mountains together. This started as a simple workshop in photography basics at our local recreation center in Boulder Creek, CA. I don’t consider myself an expert on much but I figured that I could offer something to the absolute beginner. The invitation went out on a popular local Facebook group, Boulder Creek Neighbors. The turnout was far more than I ever expected. I talked and answered questions for hours – I don’t think I demonstrated a single photography technique although we did talk a lot about post processing.

This turned into a very friendly and collaborative bunch that eventually formed into the locals-only, Hwy 9 Photography Group on Facebook. We’ve got a de facto motto today: “We like to do stuff”

Since then we’ve gathered for more small workshops, a couple of photography shows, hikes, intimate photo tours of the Santa Cruz Mountains, and photo walks. We’ve helped each other with equipment, knowledge, and help. We’ve shared gigs and even the rise to the call for help. One day we even got news of a photographer who no-showed for an engagement photo session, so we scrambled to help. This is the kind of community that I’m so proud to have helped gather.

I wanted to take the opportunity to share some of our members’ favorite photographs. This is probably Batch #1, in no particular order.

Cody Mattson
Dave Anderson
Erik Elfring
Gary Steed – a grey fox that visited my yard over the summer.
Gary Steed – firework pictures from the 4th of July.
Gary Steed – firework pictures from the 4th of July.
Joan Fuhry
Julie CB
Kaelin WMarsh – Definitely not my most technically perfect photo, however it is by far my favorite from the year. Its a baby big horned sheep. eating a dandelion. in Yellowstone.
Kate Klein – Sometimes I like the complexity of black and white. One of my favorites.
Lisa Gonzales
Lisa Gonzales – The day my father in law passed away. Beautiful just like he was
Liz Celeste – Tenaya Lake, Yosemite National Park
Liz Celeste – a favorite from a client session
Mike Bartol – By far my favorite from 2017 was this picture my brother took together at Smiths Ferry Idaho Aug 21. It was our first ever eclipse. One for the ages.
Sarah Williams – I watched this bird collect bugs each morning while camping in The Pinnacles.
Malakoff Diggins SP, September, Infrared. Sherwood Harrington
Rose on our deck, May. Sherwood Harrington
Dave Anderson – giant band saw, undisclosed location

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