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This is that part of the site where I blab all about myself and a serious “artist” kind of way. I’m not nearly that stuffy or serious. I’m a friendly and warm person who likes to laugh. This is actually part of my specialty. More about that in a minute.

My work is frequently used in lifestyle magazines including web and print editions of
Santa Cruz Waves

Monterey Waves (coming soon!)

Now about that “This is actually part of my specialty” stuff. I’m an outgoing and friendly person. I have a knack for putting people at ease and bringing out a personality with a photograph.

Why “coastal lifestyles?” This is the environment I grew up in. This is what I’ve known my whole life. I love to share this with images and I believe that I can tell a better story in one photograph than I could in three minutes of video. This is more than “surf photography” although it does include that. This is more than “street photography” although it does include that. This is more than landscape, although it includes a ton of that. I want to convey the emotion, the sense, of getting up early to see if the surf is good. I want to show the unique aspects of a location and the people who call it home. I enjoy being a virtual tour guide, showing the best of what a place has to offer.

I studied Art & Multimedia Design at CSU East Bay

I live in the Santa Cruz Mountains with my family and two horrible cats, Buster and Jasmine. We have a series of deer who meander through our back yard who I call “Bob.” There are wild turkeys who like to jump on our rooftop and some day I may call them “Thanksgiving dinner.”

I’m often asked about the gear that I use, so here it is in no particular order:

Canon 7d Mk II
Canon Rebel XT (the trusty backup)


  • Sigma 17-55mm wide angle
  • Rokinon 14mm wide angle
  • Canon 50mm (the famous “nifty fifty”)
  • Canon 70-200 f/4
  • Canon 70-200 f/2.8
  • Canon 135mm
  • Sigma 150-500mm
  • Tamron 70-300mm

Filters by Singh-Ray and Formatt HiTech

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