Street Photography In Santa Cruz

I live in an area that’s been called “absurdly rural” by a Sunset Magazine travel journalist . As you can imagine that means that I don’t do much street photography in the Santa Cruz Mountains. Oh, it’s happened, but it’s a little weird when just about everybody knows you and you’re going to run into them at the one gas station. I occasionally bring my camera with me when my daughter and I sneak out for our weekly coffee adventures. The girl just loves gourmet coffee and this is my opportunity to bring her to my favorite places. Today we wandered around downtown Santa Cruz. Oh and Santa Cruz… did we really need yet another Starbucks? You know… the one down the street from that other Starbucks and across from the newly opened independent coffee shop?

I’m looking for people interacting. We’re an especially colorful community, so interaction has a little more going on. Sometimes it’s just pizza.

Sometimes that interaction with between the subject… and the subject. Here I was intrigued by the high key lighting by a tent at an art fair.

Urban scenes are great for lines, patterns, and repetition. Photographers photographing photographers is always a fun subject for me. And a little interaction with the primary subject is ideal. One thing I want to avoid is yet another photo of a person messing with his phone.

Then there are moments of silliness. I saw this little note saying “Yes touch!” OK, your wish is my command. I may have misunderstood though.

The photo below has a lot of elements I like: bright colors and patterns for example. I also quite like that a man was parking his Prius near a parking meter in the frame.