Photo Challenge Day 1

Ahhhh “photo challenges” on social media. Sometimes I join the fun. ┬áMy friend Cynthia Pyun asked me to post a photo every day this week. I scrounged around my library looking for something that I found especially moving and that didn’t need any retouching. That was a little harder than I thought it would be. I found the occasional one that I liked, looked hard at it and almost always started editing. There would be too much saturation here, too much noise there, too much chromatic aberration… you name it. Then I just let go.

An unknown woman paused for me long enough to make this photograph in Davenport, CA

I came across a favorite from Davenport, just a bit north and a world away from Santa Cruz, CA. I had just finished with a series of gorgeous photos of the ruined pier when this beautiful woman stood looking across the ocean at the setting sun. I asked politely if she would pause a moment for me. I’m she obliged and this became one of my favorite photographs. I never got her name.