And it turns out my Yongnuo teleconverter worked this whole time

When I’m wrong, I’m wrong. At least I try to correct it once I find out the *right* answer. I bought a YONGNUO teleconverter a year ago and I was positive that it flat out didn’t work. I said so loudly and publicly… and repeatedly. I found a resolution to my problem recently on an obscure photo discussion board. It turns out that it works *OK* when I disable my Canon 7d Mk II’s onboard lens profiling features. So tonight I set it up, hand held, pointed it at the moon, seasoned to taste and… yeah it worked. How about that?

Some notes though: metering is off by miles, so there is probably a little trial and error involved. Here’s a shot from tonight’s quick and dirty attempt.

Yongnuo teleconverter moon shot
A quick test with a YONGNUO YN2.0X III YN-2.0X III Teleconverter Extender that I gave up for dead.

It was suggested that Yongnuo should have caught this little problem before releasing it. I’m pretty sure the teleconverter was released before my Canon 7d Mk II hit the market, so I don’t fault them for missing it. I would have appreciated the information being a bit easier to find though.

To recap:

The Yongnuo YN 2.0X III works.
If you have a “Please wait…” kind of loop after taking a picture then:

  1. Go to the Canon’s main menu (again, my 7d Mk II used here, your model will probably vary)
  2. Select the “Lens aberration correction” menu item
  3. set:
    • Peripheral illumin. Disable
    • Chromatic aberation Disable
    • Distortion Disable