A Christmas Present for you!

Hi!  I’d like to offer you a little present — a uniquely Santa Cruz wallpaper for your *personal use.  I would love it if for a day you used this on your computer, your Facebook page, or whatever for the sheer joy of having it for a while. Click on the image for a much larger version.

SMC_8322, Sunset, SS Palo Alto, Christmas Post
Winter Sunset Over The SS Palo Alto. Santa Cruz, California

What does “personal use” mean? That means you are welcome to use it for yourself. It is cannot not be used for commercial, promotional, or marketing purposes. For commercial uses please contact me for appropriate licensing.

Yes, sometimes I need to spell that out. Image theft is a very real thing. Here’s a story that is a great example of why this is a bad thing: Hull Property Group Stole This Photographer’s Work